Dedicated Transport?

Looking for a partner who can provide fast (dedicated)transport in Europe? Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. is the express transporter par excellence and ensures that your package, document or cargo is delivered quickly and safely to its destination. We provide fast transport and not only in the Netherlands, but can also transport to Belgium, Germany, France or elsewhere in Europe. Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. is strategically located in Rotterdam (near by the port of Rotterdam) and provides all your desired express transports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our means of transport are suitable for transport under the following conditions:

  • Ambient transport 15 – 25 °c
  • Refrigerated transport 2 to 8 °c
  • Frozen transport down to -30 °c



Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. is the specialist partner for transport and distribution of medicines, vaccines and pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. has delivery vans, buses and trucks that are particularly suitable for the transport of medical goods and pharmaceutical items. The vehicles are equipped with several temperature sensors that are connected to a Control Tower that gives an alarm if the standard temperature is exceeded. In this way we guarantee the transport temperature and product safety during transport and storage.

Whether or not your medicines need to be transported at a certain temperature, Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. is the partner for your transport. Thanks to our extensive fleet of both conditioned and unconditioned vehicles, we can transport your medicines at Over onsLet op: Het magazijn kan enkel op afspraak bezocht worden.any desired temperature between -30 and +30 degrees Celsius.

We can provide cool, ambient, frozen and heated transport. From caddy to truck, no load is too big for us.

Our clients include production companies, medical wholesalers, pharmacists, hospitals and even international pharmaceutical concerns. We deliver business-to-business, but also increasingly directly to the consumer.

Ambient transport
15 – 25 °c

Refrigerated transport 
2 to 8 °c

Frozen transport down to -30 °c

What can we offer in the field of transport?

Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V. can be enabled for:


Drivers from Pharmaceutical Solutions B.V.

The requirements imposed on drivers are strict. Every driver must speak Dutch or English at a good level. Of course, all drivers are trained on the GDP guidelines and an extensive training program ensures that the knowledge of drivers remains up to date.